About Sven

Following several successful years in the sport of cycling, as a road sprinter and rider on the track, at the age of 21, following an accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, Sven’s career in cycling stopped suddenly. During physical rehab, Sven had developed a fascination for music and moved to the U.S. It was there he signed with a Florida-based, artistic management firm, a firm that created the Backstreet Boys, and that discovered both Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Sven gained expertise in music production, music composition, brand marketing and merchandising. Sven’s music production and media and broadcasting skills resulted in multiple concepts and projects, one of them being a duet between Madonna and Britney Spears, which resulted in their 2003 collaboration. This collaboration, and the showdown at the MTV Music Awards, meant the peak in Britney Spears’ career. In the early 2000s, among the various projects he took on, were the creation of music productions for the Sydney, Australia Paralympics; the Sydney Olympics (TV coverage); Tour de France; and other events. His compositions have been used by Tour de France, including the Grand Finals in Paris, as well as international television coverage by various broadcasters. They were also used in the opening of the 2014 and 2016 Miss World competitions, which were held in London and Washington, D.C. Besides multiple soundtrack productions, Sven conceptualized the global relaunch of Kraftwerk ( “Tour de France Soundtracks“) which resulted in the highest sales in the band’s history. Regarding his experience in media and broadcasting, Sven’s concepts have been used globally by various events, including Live Aid. In 2005, Sven started to work successfully on various projects as marketing advisor, content developer and agent for Robert Louis-Dreyfus. In development, Sven’s focus was on the creation of new projects, high-budget sponsorship programs and the creation of marketing content, as well as innovations in the areas of sports and entertainment, events and marketing, and the management of pro-athletes and sports teams. Sven also served as marketing and sponsorship advisor for his friend, René Angelil and his wife Celine Dion. For 10 years, Sven has worked in conjunction with the United Nations on various projects. In 2015, Sven was hired to produce the entertainment section for the HIV achievement award, at the annual gala for victims of HIV, honoring Bill and Melinda Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2017 and 2018, Sven focused on recreating and improving his estate of inventions and innovations that originated through his collaboration with Robert Louis-Dreyfus. For the past five years, Sven has been focusing on creating future content for projects in the fields of sports events, entertainment, real estate, and modern technologies for music entertainment and film. In 2018, Sven was asked to assist a former sports friend of his who was in the final stages of alcohol and drug addictions. During a battle that lasted five months, for his friend’s survival, Sven succeeded in helping his friend with a rehab program, convincing him that he needed help, taking out the forces that tried to prevent this mission and arranging experts in the U.S. and in Switzerland for a rehab program. In the aftermath, following a burnout, Sven needed support himself. A German based professor, in the field of neuroscience, analyzed Sven’s case and discovered‚ Acquired Savant Syndrome. A team of experts in the field of neuroscience, in the U.S., was consulted for a second opinion and discovered three high functioning areas (musical, spatial, patterns). There are currently approximately 100 Acquired Savant cases worldwide, most notable being the case of Daniel Tammet, in the area of Mathematics. In Fall 2023, a part of his story will be released, followed by a book release containing Sven’s full biography, in 2024. Sven is currently recreating and improving Melkers and Thurman’s estate of inventions and innovations. At Melkers and Thurman, Sven serves as Managing Director, and his focus is on the development of new projects.